Free coworking spaces in the UK: Techworld reviews London’s coworking hotspots

The increasing number of startups setting up shop in London is fuelling demand for workspace, particularly in Tech City.

By their very nature, startups are small often have a lack of resources, which can make moving into large permanent offices impractical and expensive. Say hello to coworking spaces. See below for a handy map of some of the options available in London. 

Map created by The Office Design Company

Coworking spaces are hubs of entrepreneurial activity – often home to dozens of startups from a wide range of backgrounds – and have cropped up as people being to realise that there is money to be made in providing somewhere that nurtures startups in a way that the raw, soulless office blocks can’t.

Coworking spaces typically come with the usual office necessities – a desk, internet connection, coffee machine, lavatory etc. – but they tend to charge small businesses based on the number of desks they use each month, which can be significantly less than buying/renting a property or an office space. Coworking spaces benefit from a collaborative environment, which allows startups to ask other businesses in their space for help and advice on everything from website design to PR.

The cheaper rates and collaborative benefits appear to be pulling in the punters.

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